Welcome to the Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association

The Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association (NSORRA) was formed to unite Off Road motorcyclists within Nova Scotia.


Off Road Motorcycles Friendly Nova Scotia


The Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association (NSORRA) is the unified voice to ensure the growth and development of recreational and competitive off road motorcycling in Nova Scotia.

Guiding Principles:

1) Promoting off road motorcycling as a healthy family focused recreation and competitive activity. 2) Presenting the interests of off road motorcyclists of all ages to the general public and government. 3) The training and education of safe and responsible riding practices. 4) Increasing riding opportunities through trail development, access to existing trails, and development of riding facilities throughout Nova Scotia. 5) Conduct business in consideration of environmental practices. 6) Encourage cooperative and coexistence between all trail users in a respective and responsible manner. 7) Promote, coordinate and organize events for recreational and competitive riding in Nova Scotia. NSORRA is a registered nonprofit organization

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